Company’s regularly overlook security threats or brush them off as being “something that happens to others.” Yet consequences can be detrimental

SMBs Are a Prime Target

72 %

SMBs will
be attacked

87 %

SMBs do not have a
security strategy

60 %

SMBs close in the
6 months following
a cyberattack



• Costs are too high
• Unavailable outside city centers
• Knowledge leaves with the consultant


(Virtual Interactive Cloud-powered Consultant)

is a product designed specifically for SMBs to help them protect their digital assets. We developed this consultant-in-the-palm-of-your-hand to cater specifically to SMBs that value a security strategy (this should be everyone), yet that don’t find the traditional consulting model suited for them.

The Superhero of Consultants:

1. Accessible anywhere, anytime
2. Machine speed
3. Low cost, billed per minute
4. Faster digital transformation
5. Automated manual tasks

The story that led to VICC

Over the years, we noticed that most companies have very little in-house security knowledge. Yet, cybersecurity threats are increasing alarmingly. As more and more companies are reorganizing themselves to support teams working from home, technology plays a vital role in making these transformations successful. Additionally, systems are highly complex, and businesses rely on data to leverage growth. The consequences of potential attacks can be detrimental; diminishing the risk should be high on a company’s list of priorities.

Hiring a consultant is not the right solution for many companies. Costs can be extremely high, availability outside city centers tends to be difficult and any acquired knowledge leaves with the consultant, the day the contract is terminated. Back to square one.

We asked ourselves; could a virtual consultant address these issues? The answer is yes. And so VICC was born, theVirtual Interactive Cloud-Powered Consultant.

How it works?

Cyberattacks are monitored regularly. Using a hybrid model (cloud and on-premise), it is as if a real-life consultant was analyzing potential threats, collecting data, producing reports and improving your security strategy. This user-friendly platform uses AI to incorporate up-to-date best practices and give executives the access to insights they need.


Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important part of technology as it opens an endless world of possibilities:

  • Cybersecurity consulting as a service 
  • Fully automated analyst
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Autonomous data collection